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Since 1988, Le Classique has built a solid reputation for their outstanding service. Their traditional cuisine is beyond peer and their classic ballrooms inspire reminiscence of an era when class and elegance were highly valued.

Owner Giulio Di Minno continues that Old World tradition with professionalism and a dedication to the customer experience.

Enjoy amenities like their open-air terrace, fully-stocked bars with the most popular wines and liquor and magnificent ambience.

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Le Classique goes above and beyond social occasions. We take your corporate events seriously by offering our patrons the highest quality food and impeccable service to turn your next business gathering into a success.

With flexible packages, fresh, high-quality dishes from around the world, healthy options and accommodations for any and all dietary preferences, we are prepared to serve you.

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Menu planification

Menu planification

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With three exceptional halls to choose from, we can accommodate any size event. From spectacular gatherings in Renoir, our grand hall (200 to 800 guests), to intimate get-togethers in Chagall (minimum 75 to 120 guests) or something in-between like Monet (100 to 180 guests). No matter the size of your next event, invite your guests to gather and celebrate in style.

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