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Le Classique



Our grandest reception hall, Renoir provides your gathering with every amenity you could possibly wish for to make your affair a memorable one. Crowned with seven chandeliers, including a grand central chandelier floating above our newly renovated dance floor, your guests will be enchanted by the modern, yet elegant décor with its impressive finishes, suitable for any grand occasion.

Capacity of 200 to 800 guests

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Salle de reception Renoir


Salle de reception Monet



Monet is perfect for modest, medium-sized gatherings. LED lighting provides a custom-colored atmosphere to suit any imaginable mood palette. The central chandelier hangs above its newly renovated dance floor with a stage and mirror close by while sheer draping adds a touch of elegance. A well-stocked bar provides guests with drinks and refreshments as they admire direct westward-facing golden sunset views.

Capacity of 100 to 180 guests

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As the humblest of our reception hall offerings, Chagall is the right choice for your next intimate gathering. Floor lighting splashes across its sheer draping on one side of the hall while tall floor-to-ceiling windows open up the space to wonderful sunset views and starry night skies.

Capacity of minimum 75 to 120 guests

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Salle de reception Chagall


Salle de reception Galleria



The Galleria was created with the inspiration of the rooms of the Classic… receive your guests in a modern art gallery with paintings by local artists. Brilliant & contemporary.

Banquet Capacity 140 | Dinner Cocktail 250

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